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The unique combination of deep listening skills, business acumen, passion for learning, ability to quickly see the connections and extract relevant information builds the essence of our company.

The visuals we produce reflect what is happening in the room, they are engaging, interesting and effective!






Fall4art Founder • Principal


I'm formally trained as a Nutritionist and Visual Artist (specialized in working with Acrylics) with experience in health care and food industries, human resources and finances.

In order to do this work I tap into my deep listening skills and laser-focused attention on what is happening in the room.

I've been recording live and virtual meetings for executives and their teams, creating visuals out of their conversations, workflow discussions and decisions for 15 years.

I've been also creating visuals for large and small events, facilitating idea walls, illustrating books and articles and co-creating meetings supporting clients on how to find the best way visuals can bring out relevant information they need to achieve their goals.


With fluency in Spanish, Portuguese and English I'm often called upon to do simultaneous live recordings of international, multi-cultural events for Fortune©500 companies and institutions across industries and around the world.


I'm one of the twin sisters pioneers who launched the Graphic Recording practice in Latin America in 2003. Here are some pictures of the two of us working together!


I'm very fortunate to get to do the work I love and advocate for it.

It has been an amazing journey so far!

Renatta Algalarrondo Donatella Pastorino


IFVP - International Forum of Visual Practitioners - US

-Member since 2008

-Board Member since 2014

• IFVP Institute - founding board member since 2018

• European Visual Practitioners - Community of Practice

-Supporter and friend of the community since 2017

SEAF Southeast Association of Facilitators - US

-Member since 2018

Renatta Algalarrondo Graphic Recorder #graphicfacilitator #neulandmarkers


Klaumon Forma "Pão com Manteiga" 2012 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

EuViz Global Conference 2014 - Berlin, Germany

IFVP Global Conference 2015 - Austin,TX 

IFVP Global Conference 2016 - Washington, DC

EuViz PowWow 2017 -  Rome, Italy

IFVP Global Conference 2017 - Decatur, GA

PRSA GA Chapter Conference 2018 - Atlanta, GA

IPGA Conference 2018, Savannah, GA

EuViz2018 Global Conference, 2018 - Rungstedgaard - Denmark


For ten years I've been using Neuland professional products specially designed for trainers and facilitators in the world of visualization.

I'm proudly the Ambassador for Georgia, US.

I invite you to discover professional equipment and the most innovative tools available in the market!

Visit the online shop: Neuland

My choice of products are here!


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Jenny Trautman - Principal and Founder

Same Page People is about you: getting your people on the same page with a shared vision and the right alignment to put your future plans in action.


Same Page People

Atlanta, GA

Donatella Pastorino - Principal and Founder

     Atrium is a reference in Visual solutions that matters for Fortune 500    companies and has been in the field for 14 years.


This short video explain a portion of our work, the Graphic Recording (click here to watch)



Sao Paulo, SP - Brazil


Atrium Facilitación Visual

Montevideo, Uruguay


Martine Vanremoortele  - Axelle Vanquaillie



Visual Harvesting. The company name illustrates our core business.

Your visual harvest is mot just something we produce out of thin air. Visual Harvesting is the result of a well thought out procedure implemented before, during and after the meeting.


Visual Harvesting

Antwerpen, Belgium