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July 01, 2020


Digital recording: support and angle to work with an iPad


We've received a lot of messages asking about our set up for digital recording, what support or stand we use and which angle we choose to work with an iPad, and we'd like to share with you this iPad case we use. It is one of the best options we've tested. We like the multiple view angles that make it easier and steady to work on.

It is available in different iPad sizes.

It's the ProCase and you can find it at this link  (no paid promotion).




March 05, 2020


Virtual meetings more effective


We can create a series of visual summaries out of PowerPoint presentations, audio recordings, videos, virtual meetings or documents so you can share with your teams and easily cascade the information.

We also can make a digital live-capture of your virtual meeting and right after you'll have the file to share.

Contact us and let's enhance your virtual work through visuals! 




January 15, 2020


Lutzie43 Foundation


 It was such a pleasure to record the Round table Discussion hosted by the Luztie 43 Foundation. As CEO Mike Lutzenkirchen says  " We came into the session with a goal of networking leaders from Georgia’s government (highway, transportation, education & insurance) , law enforcement (state, county & city) and corporate (trucking, auto, education, healthcare & insurance) organizations to share experiences and recommendations leading to a go forward opportunity to PIONEER something unique with focus on reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities due to distracted driving.


The work the Foundation is doing is remarkable and you can learn more about Lutzie 43 Foundation here!







July, 31 2019

OFFICIAL BOOK LAUNCH at IFVP Global Conference in Montclair, NJ


The World of Visual Facilitation: Unlock Your Power to Connect People and Ideas

by Jeroen Blijsie, Tim Hamons, and Rachel S. Smith, editors.
Initiator and Project Manager: Jeroen Blijsie
Co-editors: Jeroen Blijsie, Tim Hamons, and Rachel S. Smith
Copyeditor: Sonja Stone
Cover and Interior Design: Visuality.eu
Copyright © 2019, The Visual Connection Publishers.
All rights reserved.
July 2019: First Edition

Order your copy here!


So what is this all about?:

Let’s say you are a facilitator and you would like to know more about using visual tools. Maybe you are not yet a visual facilitator but are keen on learning more about this field and specializing in it someday. Now imagine that there is this book called “World of Visual Facilitation” ( we mean literally world!) in which you can find different tips, methods, approaches on a lot of micro fields of Visual Facilitation. Sounds awesome right?

Our team spent countless hours designing and perfecting the look of this book, so we treat it a little bit like our baby :) We couldn’t be happier that it’s finally printed and ready for you to dive in to. 


This global book writing event had all the crackle and excitement that people have come to expect from the annual gatherings of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, except this was different.

— David Sibbet



December 26, 2019


IFVP Global conference in 2020


Our 25th anniversary celebration to remember our past, and together, build our global future...

We are proud to host the 2020 IFVP conference in California where in 1995, a small group of IFVP members thought to form an annual tradition of meeting and sharing. We have grown to become a truly global organization. The 2020 event will be noted as a year of continual reflection, cherishing self-care, celebrating our diversity, and cheering to new beginnings. This milestone event will be at The Claremont Club & Spa, A Fairmont Hotel, which is a California landmark and one of America’s iconic hotels. Just a 20-minute drive from San Francisco, it is located between Berkeley and Oakland, two cities full of character, vitality,  and intense creativity. The newly restored urban resort is uniquely positioned to offer the best of the Bay Area. With state-of-the-art facilities as well as 22 acres of landscaped gardens and a rejuvenating spa, The Claremont offers activities for the whole family with two heated pools, a children’s pool, and 10 tennis courts.


More information at this link!






Euviz2018 blog.jpg

July, 31 - August,02 2018


EUVIZ2018 at Rungsted, Denmark



The place to be this Summer! Our visual practitioners global conference co-hosted by the IFVP and EuViz was fantastic! We had great conversations, met old friends and made new ones! We shared our knowledge and skills and reflected about the visual practice with colleagues from Finland, Ethiopia, Brazil, US, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Japan, China, Singapore and all over Europe!


Photo credit: Orest Takaba

Click on the pictures to access the album on Flickr.



July, 14th - 2018


Last call: until July 19th !!











My chapter is "The Right Tool for the Job":

 It is such an and honor to be part of this project with 50+ co-authors from around the globe. I'm the only co-author from Latin America and my chapter is about the materials we use for our trade, I'll share the ones designed with the visual practitioner in mind.


You can order your copy here!











October, 6th - 2018 - Bad Hersfeld, Germany


We had the privilege and honor to celebrate the Neuland® 50 year anniversary, The Fifty Years of Passion with the entire Neuland family: its founders, employees, resellers, ambassadors and suppliers.

It was a night to remember!


Click on the picture to read more about it and watch the video.


(Renatta Algalarrondo and Donatella Pastorino - Neuland Ambassadors Georgia, US and Brazil)








Renatta Algalarrondo

























June, 25th - 2018




I'll share tips and tricks for Acrylics this Thursday! Neuland Social Media Correspondent Sandra Dirks hosts the Neuland Ambassador Live Talk this Thursday, June 28 at 7 PM - 8 PM UTC+02


Join us! Here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/events/470679016686834/


Click on the picture to watch the video.

May, 30th - 2018


Workshop • Graphic Recording • GR101



Monday • July 30th - 9.00 - 17.00 • Rungsted Kyst, Denmark

Do you want to learn the basics of Graphic Recording or hone skills you already have?

Spend a focused and fun day, practice big at the wall, and wrap it all up with a panel of esteemed seasoned practitioners. Reserve your spot today!


More information : https://euviz.com/gr101/





Graphic Recording 101: The IFVP Signature Course!

GR101 is a hands-on workshop which will provide a basic understanding of the craft, the tools and the techniques of graphic recording.

The workshop leaders along with several other IFVP members will share real life stories and insights from their own practices.

GR101 provides a one-day introduction to graphic recording for visual practitioners of all types. Whether you are a facilitator who works with groups and wants to expand your toolkit using visuals or you are new to the graphic recording industry and want to build your experience, GR101 is for you!


Information about the Conference: www.euviz2018.com




April, 30th - 2018

Announcing                                                                                                                The Visual Facilitation Field Guide                    

I’m pleased to announce that I have a chapter in a forthcoming book on visual practice! The book is The Visual Facilitation Field Guide, and my chapter is called FACILITATION MATERIALS. The Field Guide is co-edited by Jeroen Blijsie of The Visual Connection (the Netherlands), Tim Hamons of Art of Awakening (Singapore), and Rachel Smith (the US). The book’s design is provided by Visuality (Belgium).


Why this new book?

The Field Guide is intended for visual practitioners to use as a sourcebook of ideas and inspiration, but it’s also intended for non-practitioners to get a sense of the depth and breadth of the field and understand why and how to partner with a visual practitioner. Over 50 co-authors, all visual practitioners or facilitators who partner with them, from all over the globe are contributing chapters about their own experiences and methods.


Book content

It includes sections on visual language and drawing, visual facilitation basics, roles, listening, dialog, templates, meetings--including large-scale meetings--both face-to-face and virtual, team performance, storytelling, working off the paper and beyond the meeting, and intersections with other fields. There’s also a section of stories using visuals in action and a section about the future of the field.


My chapter is about the materials we have specially designed and created for both facilitation and visual facilitation.In order to achieve both consistent quality results and a professional look the good quality of materials is key.


Help us by pre-ordering your own copy - at a discount

The book is being self-published and will be available mid-year (2018). To cover the costs, we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign! The campaign opens on April 30, 20.00 PM CET, when you’ll be able to pre-order the book at a deep early bird discount. Or you can pledge a higher amount for other rewards, like a one-on-one coaching session with David Sibbet (The Grove) or Brandy Agerbeck!




More info at The Visual Facilitation Guide website. https://thevisualfacilitationfieldguide.com/


euvizprogram promo.png

April, 29th - 2018


Great video about the Program at EUVIZ2018, brava Christina!


check it out : Click here for video!


Pomo blog.jpg

March 25th - 2018

It was a pleasure to present a session at the PRSA Georgia Conference : .http://www.prsageorgia.org/?page=Annual_Conference



December, 1st - 2017

EUVIZ® 2018

Rungstedgaard, Denmark
Conference:  July 31st - August 2nd 2018

In 2018 EuViz® & IFVP are once again co-hosting a conference on European soil. 
This time, in Denmark.

We invite you to the beautiful spot of Rungstedgaard, placed right on the shore of the eastern sound - overlooking the Island of Hven, and the Swedish shore. And next year, Rungstedgaard is gonna be THE place to be, if you're working within the field of visual thinking. For a full week, we'll emerge into talking, thinking, sharing, showing, practicing and celebrating this diverse and emergent field.

Monday July 30th is the day of Pre-Con workshops.

Tuesday July 31st to Thursday August 2nd will be the 3 day conference.

Friday August 3rd is our day of Post-conference - a day to wind down, continue conversations started during the conference, hanging out on the beautiful grounds of Rungstedgaard, getting a refreshing dip in the Eastern sound.... or, just sit quietly and slowly transition back into the real world.

So, mark your calenders, start saving your pennies, sharpen your pencils, and get ready to draw - or not to draw.

Link to Rungstedgaard: www.rungstedgaard.dk/en/home



November, 1st - 2017

Geonav's portable charger. It's time to make your portable charger stand out!

The dark gray rubbery surface was decorated using Neuland's AcrylicOne marker  -  1,5mm nib, color AC509.



October, 6th - 2017

Preparing materials for the Sketchnoting 101 Workshop. I love book binding!

Thank you to the Neuland Ambassador Donatella Pastorino for the starter kit!

Thank you for your visit!